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Abddul Samad Al Qurashi The House of Aoud and Amber and perfumes

The importance of perfumes in the Arabic culture has not faded at all , it is still in important part of their culture. Therefore, when you visit Arabic countries the first thing that you notes is a sweet scent of Aoud and Bakhor . Arabian perfume are made only from natural ingredients like Amber, Musk , flower, Jasmine, Cedar ……… Therefore it’s first of all a long lasting fragrance that will last for hours even days without changing and second it’s very sweet on the skin so it doesn't harm the skin or cause any irritation or dryness . ABDUL SAMAD AL QURASHI founded since 1932 the House of Aoud , Amber and perfumes has its roots in this field more than 150 years ago and now he has more than 307 stores over the world . In our company we ensure that our products meet the best specifications and meets the needs of our customers in order to satisfy him . THE SATISFACTION OF OUR CUSTOMERS IS OUR TOP PRIOPRITY . That’s why we use only natural ingredients and we picked up carefully

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