Mall of Qatar - Gift Card

Mall of Qatar Gift Card is the perfect solution to shop or buy gifts for your loved ones from Mall of Qatar instead of cash, with many offers and discounts available at multiple stores for a complete shopping experience full of rewards and surprises. The card can be used at more than 400 stores within the mall, including AlRayyan Doha Hotel and all outlets, for easy, comfortable, and attractive options to pay for your purchases. You can also give them to your children or your loved ones.


You can easily use the card at Mall of Qatar outlets for a partial or complete payment of the value of the items or services you would like. Any purchase will automatically be deducted from the card balance, the same way as a debit card. 

Card Privacy & Security: You must keep your card and insurance secure and explicit for personal use. The cardholder shall bear complete responsibility for liabilities and obligations that arise due to a third party's misuse.


You can purchase the card at any customer service desk within the mall. The gift card can't be used to withdraw cash from ATMs or complete any payments outside Mall of Qatar or make payments or purchases online. The card can't be recharged again; it will expire once there is no remaining balance. 

Long-term validity

The card is valid for 24-months from the date of issuance. If the balance is not used or partially used during this period, the remaining balance will be transferred to a charity under Islamic law principles (Sharia).


There is no need to activate the card. Mall of Qatar will activate the card on the date of purchase for a small fee of 10 QAR, which is the value of issuing the card. Each card has a minimum limit of QAR 50 and a maximum limit of QAR 5,000, the card balance can be checked ay any time through any ATM. After the specific period's expiration, the card will no longer be valid and cannot be reactivated. Please contact Mall of Qatar call center to report any outlet within the mall that charges an additional fee for using the card.



Important Information:

  • You can buy more than one card depending on usage purpose, including a prepaid option to purchase goods and services from different outlets within the mall. The card can be given to children for a cashless payment or a gift card to friends and loved ones.

  • Each card consists of four digits verification code printed inside the gift card box; you can choose and change the cards' verification code at any of Qatar Islamic Bank ATM's. The verification code must be used to complete any payments and kept secure without being disclosed to anyone other than the card's direct users. The card verification code can't be recovered in case lost or forgotten.

  • No balance statement can be sent to the cardholder. Customers can review their remaining balance through ATM.

  • A purchase can be rejected if the available card balance is less than the value of the goods or service you wish to receive. You can use other payment forms to pay the remaining balance (subject to the merchant's policy).

  • It is subject to each outlet replacement policy for returning or replacing an item purchased with the gift card. They can either return the amount to your card balance, return it in cash, or give you purchase vouchers from the store; in accordance with the outlet policy.

  • The gift card can't be exchanged, and the remaining available balance can't be refunded if the card is lost, damaged, or stolen. We recommend the card to be used by the person signed on the back of the card. Once the card expires with no sufficient amount, it should be cut in half and discarded.

  • Once the card is bought, you agree to comply with all of the terms and conditions. You can read the gift card full terms and conditions of usage on our website.

  • For more information on Mall of Qatar Gift Card, please contact us on +974 40346062 or email us at



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