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Men Fashion

The sixty-year-long experience of TOMBOLINI company helped them to combine the style of the contemporary man with the elegance of the businessman. Values are at the core of luxury. The 100% Italian items of clothing are made with prestigious materials and flawless finishing touches. The company is primarily focused on the innovation of its products and of each product line. The production is addressed to the European market with 70% of their mass production rate , 45% is targeted to the Italian market, and the rest to the Middle East, North America, South America, Australia and Russia.

The prestigious multi-brand shops, where TOMBOLINI products can be found, along with its relevant net of mono-brand boutiques, which will be further developed in the very next future, make the brand strong and international.

Today TOMBOLINI carries out that same project started more than 50 years ago with enthusiasm and passion of highly skilled management and staff.