Bluey's Show: Terms & Conditions

Spend 100 QAR in any of our retail to enter the Activation.

Children are only allowed to enter the Activation once throughout the day.

Only guardians who registered the child shall be allowed to pick him/her up. O The age limit inside the Activation is between 4 and 14 years old.

Entry to the Activation is only for kids.

The maximum capacity inside the Activation at a time: 30 Kids.

The maximum time to stay inside the Activation area is 25 minutes.

Please supervise your child at all times from outside the Activation.

Management is not responsible for any lost personal items inside the Activation.

Entering the Activation is at the kids' guardians' own risk.

Please do not enter food and beverages into the Activation.

Please don't let your kids inside the Activation in case they have any symptoms of illness for their safety and other kid's safety.

This corner Activation food such as cake, cream, and chocolate please let the organizers know if the child has allergies to any kind of food.